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At The Studio Miami our philosophy is simple, yet is the key to our success: talent are number one.

The Studio Miami is a studio in the heart of Miami Florida, dedicated to helping models and actors looking to break into the talent industry.

Our goal is to help models and actors of all experience levels develop the tools and photography used to effectively promote themselves to the entertainment community.


From portfolio development to a digital branding presence our services are unrivaled. 

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Whether your goal is to become a model or actor, or to just build up or start your portfolio, our team of professionals can help you get started. 

At The Studio Miami, our creative team has real industry experience working with both beginner, as well as established models and actors of all looks and backgrounds.

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Our Success

Our Methods
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Alanna B.

"The level of professionalism was hands down the best I’ve ever experienced. All I can say is that they care. They care about your growth, and they make sure you’re setting realistic expectations for yourself. "

Jordan M.

"Our talent is number one. That couldn’t be any more factual. The customer service and support you receive from the team is very reassuring."

Lindsey F.

"I always wanted to get involved in modeling and acting. I booked a daytime talk show segment and a pilot for TLC. I'm so excited to see where my career can go with the help they've given me!"

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